29 March – 31 March 2019

For over 800 years Cambridge has been a centre of excellence in learning and now we’re proud to announce that includes Swing Dance!

Over the weekend of 29-31 March 2019 the best teachers, bands, DJs and dancers will be descending on Cambridge; shut out the rest of the world and immerse yourself in Swing Dance.

This website contains information regarding the 2018 event ... update coming soon for 2019!

 The Talent

We've lined up some of our favourite teachers and bands from around the world, we hope you'll agree that a treat is in store!

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 Workshop Levels

Please be honest with us and yourself when selecting your level.  If you’re not sure whether you’re at this level, please get in touch and ask!  There is likely to be auditions so there is a possibility you might be moved up or down a level, but please don’t panic about this!  We truly trust and respect our teacher’s opinions as well as their knowledge in this case and we kindly ask our participants to do the same.

Level 1: Intermediate  – You are comfortable leading / following both six and eight count and are regularly going social dancing.  You know and can connecting fundamental moves like swing outs, circles, side-by-side/hand-to-hand/tandem Charleston, with the odd variation. You’ve got the Lindy Hop bug and are keen to improve your technique and repertoire.   In this level you will build up your lead and follow techniques, musicality, learn classic moves as well as new material and improve your styling.

Level 2: Intermediate/Advanced – You can confidently dance all the basic patterns mentioned for the Intermediate level and also variations. Moves are performed without hesitation, when people watch you dance they can see you’re dancing to the music.  You will already have been attending international workshops at this level.  There will be a lot of new material and different tempos to expand and improve your dictionary of moves and technique.

Level 3: Advanced.  You are at home dancing with any partner to any style or speed of swing music. You have been dancing more years than you can remember and have a wide repertoire of moves to which you’re happy to add a number of different variations. You can lead/follow variations in the rhythm, play with musicality and are comfortable changing the tempo of your dancing. You regularly introduce improvisations into your dancing and are developing your own personal Lindy Hop style.  You will already be attending national and international workshops at this level.  Here the teaching pace will be quicker, you are keen to be challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone, which is great as that’s what we expect to happen at this level.

Registration details

Registrations will be announced soon!



You can order one of our fabulous Swing Sanctuary shirts when you register or email us (see the contact us section below...). Priced at £15 each. See the FAQ section for sizes.  T-Shirts will be printed and available for you to collect at the event.

Swing Sanctuary – booking terms and conditions, advice, FAQs and other useful information

Remember Swing Sanctuary and all Cambridge Swing Dance (CSD) events are organised and run by volunteers who give their time freely to make fantastic workshops and dances for the swing dance community.  They are run on very tight budgets to keep the costs down for all. Swing Sanctuary and Cambridge Swing Dance will not tolerate any signs of harassment, psychological, physical or sexual against any participant, organiser or staff member at any part of our events.  Should you experience or witness any unpleasant situation or harassment of any kind, please bring your concerns to the organisers (CSD Committee) and they will support in any way they can.  Should you be responsible for any such behaviour you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given for your ticket.


Fill in the booking form as specified for the event Please answer all questions on the form, ensure your email is correct or you may miss your booking information. Once we have processed your booking we will send you an acceptance email or advise you if you’re on the waiting list (hopefully this won’t happen!).

Booking with a partner

Booking with a partner really helps us balance levels, it’s an unfortunate reality of booking dance events that more leads or follows will book than the other which if put directly into a class would cause imbalances and a poorer experience for students. When you register you will have two options for booking:  As a couple or individual. Couple – A lead and follow who are both registering at the same workshop level. You only need to fill in the form once per couple. Individual – after submitting the booking form we will accept your registration when we can pair you with another dancer of the opposite role at your level, this helps us balance the classes. There maybe some imbalance of students in classes but we aim to keep this to a minimum.

Switch bookings

If you’re usually a follow who wants to lead, or a lead who wants to follow – that’s fine with us!  However please ensure you book the level for the role you will be doing in classes. Purchasing a full weekend pass will give you access to all parties. Unfortunately we are not offering ‘switch’ passes where you can change role either during or between classes.

Booking shares

You cannot share a pass with another person. Currently it’s not possible to book for a single day.

Evening passes

Evening dance passes will be made available separately nearer the event depending on space at venues, all dance levels are welcome.


Please register honestly, be considerate of the other participants and do not over state your level.

Waiting Lists

Where there are more bookings than places we may have to operate a waiting list.  When places are unpaid or cancelled we may contact those on the waiting list and offer them a place. Due to the nature of incoming bookings we may not be able to advertise that there is a waiting list in operation when you register.  Please wait for acceptance of booking before making payment, booking travel or accommodation.


Further details on competitions will be made in due course.


Payment details will be provided in your booking acceptance email,  please ensure you use the reference we provide with the transfer so we can track your payment.  It’s possible to pay from a non-UK account but please ensure the correct amount in GBP is paid. Once paid your booking is confirmed. Do not attempt to pay in cash at one of our regular events, the door person will not be able to take your payment (payments get lost and mislaid unfortunately). Cheques are not accepted in the post or handed over in person. You will be required to make payment within two weeks of receiving acceptance of your registration. If payment has not been received your place may be transferred or cancelled. CLH society members may get a discount to the event, your membership number will be needed when you register.    Members and non-members may book together as couples.  It is not possible to buy a membership when booking. Couples bookings will be expected to make one payment for the couple.

Refunds, cancellations and transfers

No refunds are available for this event. If you have paid but can no longer attend you may transfer your place to another person, this includes partners who’ve booked as couples,  providing the following conditions are met:
  • The other person is attending in the same role and same level(i.e. Level 1 lead to a Level 1 lead, Level 1 follow to a Level 1 follow)
  • It is not within 48 hours of the start of the event
  • You do not charge the other person more than the price you paid for the ticket
  • If a CSD member transfers to a non-member the difference will need to be paid to confirm the place.  No price adjustments will be made if the transfer is the other way round.
  • All necessary information of the person transferred to is provided as requested by CSD (e.g. Name, contact details, etc.) at least 48 hours before the event start so we may update our records.
  • In all cases CSD organisers may refuse to transfer the place at their discretion
  • No refunds are available for T-Shirts.  Please ensure you collect your T-Shirt at the event.

Limitation of Liability

CSD shall not be liable for any additional expenses or inconveniences you may have occurred due to event changes or cancellations.  We have no involvement with any third party supplier, hotels, travel, etc.


Workshops and dances will be based around in Cambridge, UK  See schedules published before the event for where you need to be.

Places to stay

We aren’t organising hosting for this event although you may ask local dancers if they will host you (the Facebook event page is a good place to do this). Other options: There are lots of other hotels in Cambridge, or Check out airbnb maybe?


The Swing Sanctuary shirts are sized as follows.  No refunds can be given for shirts once ordered Premium t-shirt sizings

Cambridge Swing Dance

Swing Sanctuary is run by Cambridge Swing Dance www.cambridgeswingdance.com.

Jack and Jill Lindy Hop Competition

What is it: A social dance competition open to everyone at all levels. Leaders and followers will be randomly drawn to dance together to songs of varying styles and tempos and will be judged as individuals in the first round. Dancers who are selected for the final round will be randomly assigned a new partner and then judged as a couple in a spotlight format for the final round.

How:  Please register for the J&J when you register for the event.

When is it: During the evening dance at Swing Sanctuary 2018 on the Saturday night.

Entry price: FREE but you must have a confirmed place at Swing Sanctuary 2018.

We will do our best to accommodate everyone who registers.  Competitors will be emailed in the run up to the event with final details.


You can download a pdf copy here.

Where is this all happening?

The event is based around the Storey's Field Centre, Eddington,  just to the north east of Cambridge city centre.  All of the parties and registration will be in the Centre.  During the day, two classes will be held in the Centre, one class will be held in the hall of the school that is just a couple of minutes walk from the Centre. Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0DJ University of Cambridge Primary School, Eddington Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 0QZ Please note: The Centre is a brand new facility and may not yet be on all maps!

Locations are summarised on this map:

Transport and Parking

Eddington is accessible from the city centre by a short cycle ride.  There is no parking onsite but you can park at the nearby Madingly Road Park and Ride site where it is only a short walk away (there is a parking charge but at the time of writing it's only £1 a day for up to 18 hours). Also follow this link to find more about parking in the city and park and ride services.

 Contact us

For any queries about your booking please email the team on bookings@cambridgelindy.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Search the event page on Facebook to be kept up to date with our plans :)

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